Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Next New Thing

A "new media" that does not currently exist would be an app where people can share their battery quantity from their cell phones wirelessly. For example, If I am running out of battery and my friend has full battery, she would be able to send me whatever percent of battery life to my phone wirelessly. It would be useful for those who are in need of their cell phones and are not able to charge it where they are currently located. So getting sent whatever percentage of battery life would be very useful.

P2P File Sharing

File sharing is the ability to transfer files from a computer to another over the internet. This allows others to use files that has been shared, whether it is to view it or even edit it. You are able to copy the file and also print it out. P2P, or peer to peer sharing is when you are able to share files through a software program. You need to locate computers that share the files you would like to get into contact using the software program. You are able to share specific files that include music, books, movies and games just to list a few. It is important to understand the risks there are with sharing files, like copyright issues, although it is stated in the article "Should Online Scofflaws Be Denied Web Access?", “If you put 200 VCRs in your garage and start making and selling copies of films, you will get a visit from the police,” he said. “If you do it from a Web site, everybody says, ‘Hey, freedom of information’ ”. Court rulings have stated that when using the internet, privacy is not expected if something happens, like copyright issues.

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Privacy & Confidentiality

Privacy and confidentiality are related to new media in many negative ways. Scammers are able to hack pretty much anything you post on the internet. Whether it is your credit card information, private emails you send to someone and even hacking into your personal files. Anything someone posts on the internet can be spread by the blink of an eye by just one click. In the article, "Ohio Rape Stirs Controversy" discusses how an unconscious 16 year old girl was sexually assaulted at a party being filmed and pictures being taken. The males who raped and did this devastating act, spread videos and pictures through social media to hundreds of people. As you can see anything that is posted through the internet is not always safe,  and are many negative issues that could occur. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Creativity and New Media

I did some research and found a website called avachara.com, where someone creates their own avatar however they would like. This website has many sections where you can interact with others who have an avatar on this website. There are chatrooms, games, music, entertainment and even business available on this website. You can talk to others on this website who share the same likes as you do. You also have your own page and can “tweet” whatever you’d like. I signed up and decided to create my own avatar. Everything from which hair style and color, to size of nose, color and shape of eyes and adding any pets if you’d like. I tried making it as realistic as possible to myself and here is a picture of it below!


New Media Fosters creativity in many ways. It creates a huge amount of imagination, especially with all the information that is given to us through the use of technology. There are many inspirations that we see through the internet that helps others create their own creativity. In the article “Disney Tolerates a Rap Parody of Its Critters. Buy Why” discusses how there was a (mash-up) with the characters from Walt Disney and a song called “Crank that” by Soulja Boy. A “mash-up” is basically a mixture and people created videos of certain disney characters seeming to be singing this song, but really parts of the animated movie and TV shows were edited into making it seem as they are really singing. 

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Modeling Reality with Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds can be used in a variety of different ways. Mainly interacting with others, sharing the same likes as you. People with disabilities for example are able to experience life through this since they cannot in real life. It gives a chance for others to experience things that would be nearly impossible in real life. In the article “No Budget, No Boundaries: It’s the Real You” for example, there are avatars that are created and are able to go shopping and spend thousands, if not billions of dollars on things they would like. “Everything fits” things don’t wear out.” Is stated in the article and unlike in real life people often struggle financially to buy their expensive luxuries, but in second life there are no worries about this. Another pro of these virtual worlds is that health care facilities are noticing that people who are interacting through virtual worlds are receiving major benefits in real life, as stated in the article “Avatar II: The Hospital.” This may actually be useful for training purposes for those in the medical field. An important con of virtual world would be that many people who are connected to this, may become seriously addicted living the virtual world, and will then neglect the responsibilities they have in real life. Virtual worlds can in fact foster creativity if you can imagine something or basically anything, you will be able to create that because of technology. 

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat all have the ability for individuals to connect with others and share photos and personal messages to others. Like every social media, there can be negative effects having these which include, drama, cyberbullying, identity theft just to list a couple.

Facebook connects people all around the world, as long as you are "friends" with them on Facebook, pictures, comments, check-ins and messages can be shared unless your page is not private it can be viewed by others who are not your "friends." I believe this social media is great because it helps people stay connected, for example, friends and relatives who live far away can keep in contact with you through here. There is also messages that can be sent private to an individual you wish to chose which is called "Messenger."

Twitter can also be used to connect with others who you are following and who are following you. If you follow an individual you can see the posts they made and vice versa, like Facebook, unless your page is not private anyone can see, reply, or favorite the tweets you post. "Tweeting" is the term used when you post a maximum of 140 characters message. People tweet about anything they like, can be used for self-promotion or just pointless babble. You can even upload pictures through tweeting.

Instagram is mainly about posting pictures and videos, following individuals and other following you as well. When you follow someone or someone follows you just like Twitter, you are able to see their posts. Unless their page is not private any user will be able to see the pictures you have posted, they can like and also comment on them. I personally use Instagram the most, I enjoy following my favorite brands, (shoes, clothing, etc). I enjoy posting photos with friends, family and scenery pictures. There is also a private inbox where others are now able to send messages or pictures privately to an individual they would like.

Snapchat is another social media that is now becoming more used. It is a little difficult to get used the hang of using it, because it is slightly different from the other social medias listed above. It is also used to upload pictures and videos to your "story". When you upload these to your story, only your friends who are added to your snapchat will be able to see it. Your posts stay for 24 hours, and you can change the amount of seconds you would  like to leave it. You can also send pictures and videos to individuals you chose to send to privately and you can again, choose the amount of seconds they can view it. Once the person opens and views the picture or video you sent they will not be able to see it again. People can also send them messages privately through "chat" if they wish to.